v2.4.4 – New feature and bug-fix release

Fixed http://github.com/oyvindkinsey/easyXDM/issues/issue/23
Implemented return of ajax error messages: http://github.com/oyvindkinsey/easyXDM/issues/issue/24
Implemented lazy initialization: http://github.com/oyvindkinsey/easyXDM/issues/issue/25
Implemented DOMContentReady detection: http://github.com/oyvindkinsey/easyXDM/issues/issue/26

All who are supporting IE6/7 should upgrade as the bug in the NixTransport would cause it not to work when used on documents where the location contained a search (?foo=bar).

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  • Jh

    How does this compare to goog.net.xpc.CrossPageChannel of Closure Library?
    Are there any specific things that this implements over Closure’s implementation?
    Other than of course that this library is standalone and not structured to be specifically used with Closure.

    • Well, I’d say it’s better.
      They both do roughly the same, and provide the same mechanisms for transport (easyXDM does not provide flash, but thats only because there has been no need), but easyXDM is as you say standalone, and does more of the legwork for you while at the same time being quite configurable.

      Personally I also feel that the overall code quality is better – it uses feature detection where goog uses user agent sniffing, and its structure is easier to follow.

      Also, does a lot to ease RPC, as you can see by the examples.
      But don’t take my word for it – ask twitter, disqus, linkedin or many of the others why they opted for it 🙂