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Yet another bug-fix release, important!

Today I spent some time (a lot actually) testing the framework in different browsers, and then especially in older ones like Firefox 2 and Safari 3. I quickly discovered that not all was as it should be, and that there … Continue reading

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New feature and bug-fix release

Fixed Implemented Fixed some minor issues relating to ajax. Grab it from Ohloh!

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Uploading files cross-domain, ajax-style

Uploading files the ‘ajax’-style is something that has been easy to do, as it’s really as easy as targeting a hidden iframe and returning the windows content after load. But when doing these uploads cross-domain, how are you then to … Continue reading

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Article at Script Junkie

I recently contributed at the MSDN site Script Junkie with the article Cross-Document Messaging and RPC, it explains some of the inner workings of easyXDM. Check it out!

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