Yet another bug-fix release, important!

Today I spent some time (a lot actually) testing the framework in different browsers, and then especially in older ones like Firefox 2 and Safari 3. I quickly discovered that not all was as it should be, and that there could be several improvements made.

The HashTransport
In the HashTransport I have now removed the support for using onresize to notify about new messages, and polling is now always used. This was a tough decision, but it was necessary in order to provide reliant support.
The NameTransport
This has also been improved, and now relies only on standard features, while earlier it relied on things like ‘location.back();’. This has made it more reliant, and it is now working in all the tested browsers, even the modern ones!
During this  session the framework was tested in IE6/7/8, Opera 10, Firefox 2, 3.6, Safari 3.2, 5 and Chrome 5, and support should now be at 100%.
Grap the new download on Ohloh!
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