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easyXDM and prototype.js, how to make it work

This is no longer needed from v2.1.0 as easyXDM now feature tests for a valid JSON implementation. Cross-domain RPC was made easy by the introduction of easyXDM, but there are still obstacles to be found, especially when using libraries like … Continue reading

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Creating a bookmarklet with easyXDM

Bookmarklets has been common for a long time and are quite easy to make. But one thing that you often see when examining the code behind bookmarklets are that most of the code is ┬ájust to facilitate simple cross domain … Continue reading

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Adding easyXDM to your project, including debugging tools

To be able to use easyXDM in you project, either as a provider, consumer or both, there are a few things that you need to do.

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Setting up your first Socket

The first thing you should do to familiarize yourself with the library is to set up a simple easyXDM.Socket class, which will allow cross domain communication with messages going both from the consumer to the provider, and the other way … Continue reading

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Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)

As fun as transferring simple strings from one domain to another might sound; is this really what you need? While some applications (like the resize iframe example) might need nothing more, most often what you want is to be able … Continue reading

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