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v2.3.1 – bugfix

v2.3.1 contains a fix for a bug in the new NixTransport. This bug would cause the ‘onReady’ function to be called prior to the constructor returning – meaning that the reference to the transport/rpc would still be undefined.

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v2.3.0 is out

As announced earlier, work has been done to a new transport that targets IE6 and IE7 specifically. This transport has now been improved and RPC-calls made are now actually using as little as  ‘0’ milliseconds (very little that is) back … Continue reading

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new transport for IE6/7, as fast as postMessage, and with NO dependencies!

Until now, if you wanted hi-speed communication in IE6/IE7 you would have to resort to the NameTransport, but this has its drawbacks It makes a ‘rattling’ sound when it navigates the documents It requires a html-file, name.html, present on both … Continue reading

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v2.2.0 is out

Recently I have dived back in to the RPC feature and I have managed to improve this quite a lot. No more isVoid/isAsync These are no longer needed as all of this is automatically handled by the RpcBehavior. Optional callbacks … Continue reading

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easyXDM and prototype.js, how to make it work

This is no longer needed from v2.1.0 as easyXDM now feature tests for a valid JSON implementation. Cross-domain RPC was made easy by the introduction of easyXDM, but there are still obstacles to be found, especially when using libraries like … Continue reading

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easyXDM 2.0, now even with a new website!

Finally, the new easyXDM v2.0 is here! This is really not just an incremental update, but instead, it builds on the internal changes made > 1.7.0 and exposes this using a new, simpler, but still familiar API. This also means … Continue reading

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