v2.3.2 is out

Version 2.3.2 has just been released, and provides a feature that has been sought after by many.

Earlier, when you wanted to style the iframe created by easyXDM, you would have to access it using its container, and then set the style manually. This is no longer needed.

By adding a props property to the transports configuration, you can now apply arbitrary properties to the iframe.

This is how you would set the style of the iframe:

var socket = new easyXDM.Socket({
    remote: "....",
    container: document.getElementById("foo"),
    props: {
        style: {
            width: "100px",
            height: "100px",
            border: "1px solid blue",

The other changes are primarily minor changes, related to stability and security in the NixTransport, in addition to a brand new implementation of the ajax feature.
This mostly means that the provided xhr.html will work consistently.

You can download the new release here.

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