new transport for IE6/7, as fast as postMessage, and with NO dependencies!

Until now, if you wanted hi-speed communication in IE6/IE7 you would have to resort to the NameTransport, but this has its drawbacks

  • It makes a ‘rattling’ sound when it navigates the documents
  • It requires a html-file, name.html, present on both of the servers.

Especially the last issue is a tough one, as many aren’t necessarily able to upload any files to the servers.

The good news

Thanks to Ivan Žužak (who also runs the pmrpc project), I became aware of the Shindig project, where a ‘new’ technique was mentioned, and so I decided to implement it. And so it comes to be that a new transport, the NixTransport is now available for IE6 & IE 7, a transport that uses shared memory (no queuing and fragmentation) and that uses as little as 10/15 ms transferring its messages.

This means that it is pretty much identical to the newer HTML5 postMessage transport.

I would really appreciate it if you would test this transport and give me some feedback (if works for you, or if it doesn’t) so that I can mark it as stable and release it.

Note, I have tested it in both IE6 and IE7, but who knows, there might be some variables unknown to me that might influence it.

It can be tested here and if you want to, you can download using the following links

And for those who wish to take a closer look at how it works, here you go

So again, please take some time to test this (those who are set up to test in IE6 and IE7) and report back, it would really help me.

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