v2.2.0 is out

Recently I have dived back in to the RPC feature and I have managed to improve this quite a lot.

  • No more isVoid/isAsync
    These are no longer needed as all of this is automatically handled by the RpcBehavior.
  • Optional callbacks when calling methods, success, success+error, or none if the remote method does not return data or you just don’t care about it
  • A shorthand notation for defining local methods, nameOfMethod: function(… instead of nameOfMethod: { method: function(…
  • Smaller code base due to a simpler(!) RpcBehavior
This all means that the RPC class is much easier to use now, while still being backwards compatible.
There has also been some ‘improvements’ to the library overall
  • Reduced the public API
    This makes it more manageable for most
  • Proper documentation with code examples for Socket and Rpc
  • Restructured internal methods so that they are faster and more easy to minify

Check out the new documentation for the Rpc class!

And as always, feedback is much appreciated!

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